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Your home is your sanctuary. At Sonitrol Pacfic, we believe that everyone should be safe on their own property. That’s why our residential system offers the same audio detection and verification that protect large business and commercial spaces.

That system was put to the test Sunday, July 29, at 10:20 in the morning. While an Everett family was attending church,Verification Center operator Lora Orsborn was attending to their home. The homeowners armed their system when they left that morning, so when the sound of breaking glass tripped the audio system, Lora was able to listen in and heard movement inside the hallway.

She immediately dispatched the Everett Police Department. As police were on their way, Lora heard the suspect rifling through the family’s possessions. When police arrived, the suspect dropped the loot and ran away. As police and K-9 tracked him, they made contact with a woman sitting in a car near the site of the burglary. After a long K-9 track, officers caught and arrested him in a nearby park, where he was pretending to be an innocent bystander to the incident. The woman and the vehicle were also at the park with the suspect. After questioning both individuals, police arrested them and booked them into the county jail.

No one should have to fear a break-in. But when bad things do happen, it’s better to have Sonitrol Pacific’s unparalleled technology, relationship with police, and expert operators on your side.

Read the police report from Everett police!

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