Home intruder detected by audio, arrested

Sonitrol Pacific Operator Michael Young

Police arrested a man suspected of breaking into a remote Clackamas County home after Sonitrol Pacific’s home security system detected threatening noises inside the house February 5.

Operator Michael Young received the activation of the security audio sensors in the home’s laundry room just after 2 a.m.  He heard a loud bang, followed by crashing noises and sounds of someone moving around inside the house.  Young knew the family was away and couldn’t be responsible for the noises, and immediately called Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Young continued to monitor sounds of movement through the home while officers were en route and kept them updated on the intruder’s activity.  Young heard a man’s voice, sounds like someone rifling through things and more breakage noises.  Moments later, Young received an alert from a window sensor, then everything became quiet, indicating the intruder left through the secured window.

Deputies arriving at the home spotted a man in the driveway bleeding and detained him.  Officers determined the man was cut when he broke a window and entered the home.  The suspect was arrested.

The homeowners were out of town during the break-in.  They were happy to learn Sonitrol Pacific was on watch while they were away and that deputies caught the man who attempted to burglarize their home.