Here we come to save the day …

… Sonitrol Pacific saves clients’ assets AND their parties.

Sometimes it’s easy to see how much money we save our clients.  Dollars saved due to our equipment and labor warranty; our preventive maintenance; free consultations; free training; no false alarms; free system/walk tests; free late-to-close calls; free monthly reports; 24/7 service and support;  and such ilk are relatively simple to track.

However, we save our clients much, much more due to early detection, fast police response and 100% (vs the usual 20%) security coverage.  These savings are usually documented anecdotal rather than in hard dollars.

A letter I received today serves as a great example of this.

Molina Healthcare
3322 Broadway
Everett, WA 98201

To Everyone at Sonitrol Pacific:

Molina Healthcare is new to Sonitrol Pacific but I had to take a moment to let you all know how excited we were to learn of the apprehension that has already happened for us!  We knew we’d made a good decision going with Sonitrol based on what we’d heard and seen but now we’ve actually experienced it first hand!

One set of doors leading into our waiting room had not been properly locked and allowed a man to simply walk into our space in the early morning hours.  The door alarm he caused also triggered the microphones in your system to your operators could hear what he was doing!

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as the next day we were scheduled for our Grand Opening party with the Mayor in attendance.  This could have spelled disaster if the intruder had had an opportunity to do real damage!  He was caught by police, BEFORE any property damage was done and before he could steal anything, saving us the down-time of dealing with the aftermath of a theft.  And he also had outstanding warrants!

We will gladly be a voice for Sonitrol Pacific for anyone who’s looking to add an alarm system to their building – one that actually works!

Andrew Machin
Health Administrator
Molina Healthcare

Read the details of this detection and apprehension in Everett.