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Salena Wolfe

by Salena Wolfe, Sonitrol Pacific Everett Administrative Support Specialist

Have you read the news recently? Families have been targeted while attending another member’s funeral. Their minds were preoccupied with love, loss, and memories. Burglars had their mind on money and stole expensive items and priceless heirlooms. Consider losing all your favored possessions while mourning the loss of a family member. It’s real and it’s happening to those without Sonitrol Pacific watching their properties.

Have Sonitrol Pacific as your security provider?
A short phone call to us could soothe your fears. Our operators are great at monitoring your home and business, but you could help them be even quicker on the draw.

Going to a function? Should anyone be in the home during that time? Are you going away for the weekend? Is a house sitter staying?
Help us help you and let us know anything out of the ordinary. We want to keep your property safe and we want to get the bad guys.  With your help and extra knowledge, we can do both!

Don’t have Sonitrol Pacific as your security provider?
Give us a call and request an appointment. We’ll get an experienced Security Consultant to your property for a free quote. Consider this: in 2011, our operators had 259 apprehensions. Thirty-two percent of those were caught before getting into the facility!

Soothe your fears and invest in a system you can trust.