Happy holidays to you

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted December 4, 2009

This has been the funnest week ever at the Sonitrol Pacific offices. We’ve spent the past few days calling all of our clients to thank them for their business and wish them a happy holiday season. We have the best clients and love chatting with them whenever we get the chance.

During these calls, we also asked for feedback and constructive criticism. In order to meet the Sonitrol Pacific mission of providing customers with the highest level of security for their dollar invested and more than they feel they are paying for, we always stay open to learning and growing.

While we’ve learned of some great opportunities to improve, mostly we’ve received raves from our clients.

Tony Orso, Puget Sound Regional Sales Manager, shared this with me:
“One of the customers I called this week was Roxy Moser at Screenplay Inc. She raved about our system, our company and our people. She said “Anne is great….she makes me feel that I am dealing with a professional company that cares about me”. She also said ‘The people in your central station are outstanding, they helped me through an incident with a disgruntled employee by taking care of me immediately. We felt safe because of their work.’ Roxy is very glad that she switched from her old alarm and access company to the professionals at Sonitrol Pacific.”

Dawn Westmoreland told Salena Wolfe, Administrative Specialist in Everett, “absolutely love you guys! You make me feel so special! I tell everyone I know how great you are!”

Lisa Buckner, Corporate Controller, talked to Sheryl from ODOT. “She LOVES our service. She thinks we ‘are so patient, truly. You are tremendous. Everything goes great as long as we do we what we need to do.'”

Boise Technician Jeff Walter spoke with Brandon Wright, owner of Ultra Clean, who had this to say when asked if there was anything else Sonitrol pacific could to improve service and make him happier as a customer. “You know, nothing says thank you like a holiday ham. Tell Bill Lewis that I really like you guys, and have for a long time, but if he wants to say thanks, tell him to send me a ham!”

I personally talked to Tim Shannon. He said, “I’m really impressed with all the attention to little things, especially last year when we had the brown out and you called to let me know my system was on battery. I came down to the office and unplugged everything so my equipment wasn’t damaged by surging. I feel really well taken care of.”

Anne Ogama, Seattle Administrative Specialist, emailed me this:
“I just spoke with Carnot Reeff at Alaska and she said that she whenever she dealt with anyone at Sonitrol Pacific – from customer service to central station and Wayne everyone was really really nice and very helpful. And that it was a pleasure working with us. She was very happy to hear that I was going to pass this along to you for posting so that everyone in the company would be able to know how much they were appreciated.”