Gurney named Employee of the Month

Ellen Gurney exhibits grace under pressure. Thanks to her enthusiasm, responsiveness, and solution-focused attitude, her customers and teammates always feel taken care of when they come to Ellen with a need. Plus, she’s “super-duper nice”. We congratulate her on earning our April 2012 Employee of the Month award.

Ellen consistently provides our Boise customers with more than they feel they are paying for and this helps ensure they remain happy members of the Sonitrol Pacific family. Her efforts with Planet Beach are an example of this. Ellen worked with them to increase the effectiveness of their security system and decrease a new risk. They were very happy with the service she delivered.

Ellen stays on top of reports, completes customer training and customer service calls with an eye on solving potential problems before they become problems.

“I appreciate her proactive approach,” said Michelle Evans, Verification Center Manager. “She is continually reviewing customer activity and addresses issues the first time they happen.”

When an issue comes up, Ellen doesn’t point fingers, but gets to work looking for a solution. She collaborates with the team and speaks in terms of “we”.

Ellen recognizes the value of ongoing growth and opportunities for self improvement. She comes to training sessions excited and ready to learn. Her participation, questions and excitement at the recent Secure Pacific training was particularly appreciated.

Ellen goes out of her way to understand her role in delivering “wow” service to Sonitrol Pacific customers. She’s “wowed” us and deserves this honor.