Attempted gun theft detected, thwarted

Chelsea Mitchell Arrests & Apprehensions

Michael Young, award winning operator, takes care of Sonitrol Pacific clients.

Police recovered three guns and more than $3,000 in merchandise when they arrested a suspected burglar of a Portland store after Sonitrol Pacific detected the break-in December 12.

Operator Michael Young received an impact-activated audio alert from the Sonitrol Pacific security system at Bi-Mart on Halsey around 2:30 a.m.  He heard a faint rattling noise, common that morning due to storms in the area.  Young continued to listen and heard someone moving inside the store.  He immediately called Portland Police.

Officers were in the area when they received the call and arrived at the store in two minutes.  They caught the suspected burglar and took him into custody.  When police apprehended him, the man had three guns and more than $3,000 of Bi-Mart’s merchandise.  All the property was recovered.

Initially, it was thought the man hid in boxes in the store’s receiving area until the store was locked up and empty for the night.  However, further investigation uncovered the man had broken into the store through the roof.  Fortunately, Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security systems can protect businesses regardless of the point of entry, lock-in, roof entry, wall entry, window or door.

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