Guest Named September Employee of the Month

By Pamela Singleton, Director of Communications
Posted October 21, 2008

The Sound Security Board of Directors named Billy Guest, Tacoma Field Manager, the September Employee of the Month partly because he consistently delivers above and beyond what is asked of him, but mostly because he sees exceeding expectations as “just part of the job”. He goes out of his way to take care of clients and the team, he finds the positive aspect of every project, and he sets a standard of excellence for others to follow.

Billy serves as Tacoma Branch Manager Heather Rosenthal’s right hand by coordinating installation projects, handling installation concerns, and communicating clearly with clients, teammates and Heather. His knowledge of Sonitrol and other vendors’ products used at Sound Security is impressive and makes him a resource to the entire team.

“Billy is always willing to help and answers many questions with his vast knowledge of Sonitrol, present and past,” said Melissa Hager, Tacoma Sales Receptionist.

Regional Field Operations Manager Ken Showalter describes Billy as a “can do” employee. This attitude was demonstrated by his pioneering of the CAD drawings now uploaded onto SPIN, in taking the prerequisite NICET training classes, and by volunteering to be the project manager of the Wyoming installation.

The valuable role he plays as a member of the Sound Security team is recognized and appreciated by all.

“He works hard to help all of us (sales, service, install) take care of each other and the customer,” said DeJa Irving, Tacoma Customer Service Representative. “Billy is like the gift that keeps on giving. His historical knowledge and memory of my accounts has made my job easier and I know many other employees feel the same.”

Taking care of clients, both internal and external, is the epitome of Sound Security and Billy makes it look easy.