GS2 donation to Everett Gospel Mission

Chelsea Mitchell Testimonials & Referrals

Dick Chase presenting a $200 donation to Sylvia Anderson, CEO of the Everett Gospel Mission.

Members of the Sonitrol Pacific team were thrilled to drop off a donation to the Everett Gospel Mission in Gordon Keene’s name.

Through our “Good Stuff Squared” program, when someone refers a new client to us, Sonitrol Pacific donates $200 in their name to the charity of their choosing.  We also give the referring person $200 to just say “thanks”.

Earlier this week, Dick Chase delivered a $200 donation in Gordon’s name to Sylvia Anderson, CEO of the Everett Gospel Mission.   Gordon said this is a great organization and he is happy to do this for them.

Dick also took the $200 thank you check to Gordon, owner of Silver Center, for the GS2 lead we received from him.