Greener security courtesy of Sonitrol Pacific

Often, clients and prospects ask if Sonitrol Pacific is a “green” company. We proudly answer “yes”.

  • We maintain the lowest possible false alarm rate.  This more effectively allocates police resources and saves gasoline.
  • Because Sonitrol Pacific provides a lifetime warranty on all parts and equipment, the lifetime of your Sonitrol Security System is indefinite and will not need to be trashed or recycled. As parts are replaced or updated, the parts are reused to service and maintain older systems in the market. You can’t get much greener than never touching a landfill.
  • Our systems can be programmed to automatically turn on to eliminate the need for a customer to drive back to a facility turn on their security, saving gasoline and reducing pollution.
  • Other burglar alarms require someone to ‘reset’ the system after an alarm.  This means someone must drive to the building to do this.  We can reset our audio activations and other detectors remotely from our Operations Center.
  • We manage our clients’ access control systems from our 24-hour operations center and with a dedicated phone line.  We can make changes remotely day or night, unlike systems with software that require a user be physically at the building.
  • Our intrusion systems are silent.  Other alarm companies utilize audible sirens to scare off the intruder.  While this doesn’t impact our environment, it sure causes NOISE pollution.
  • We have a family environment and carpool to lunch, meetings and other events.
  • We recycle our dollars by doing business with our customers.
  • We keep inventory warehoused to eliminate unnecessary weight in fleet vehicles and reduce gas usage.
  • The majority of our meetings use video conferencing.
  • We recycle our used/broken electronics. We do not throw them directly into the garbage/landfill, but rather take the old boards to Office Depot for Tech Recycling.
  • We give our old monitors to a PC recycling place.
  • The recycled material produced by our “shred bins” in Everett and Portland alone saved 23 trees, almost 10,000 gallons of water, 800 pounds of air pollution, 5,500 KW hours of electricity and more than 600 gallons of oil.