Got Knox Box? Be alert


The Seattle Police have recently investigated a number of commercial break-ins that devastated the victims.  Each has been a business with a Knox Box and key stored inside for emergency personnel.

The consistent MO of the bad guys has been to remove the Knox Box, take it to a secure location and remove the key.  Days later, the perpetrators return to unlock the door and burglarize the business.   Police are unsure how the suspects get around the conventional burglar alarm systems, but they receive no call from the businesses’ alarm company.  (Check out the Discovery Channel’s Myth Busters beating traditional  security technology)

DO NOT PUT A MASTER KEY IN THE KNOX BOX!  Provide emergency responders with a key to a specific door and key that door independently from the rest of the facility.  If you do lose your Knox Box,  you will only have to rekey a single door, not the entire building.  This can be done quickly, before the person who took the key returns.

Be certain the area of the Knox Box is well lit.

Ensure your Knox Box is monitored.  If yours isn’t, call a member of the Sonitrol Pacific team to help you increase your facility security and reduce your risk of loss from this type of event.