Good stuff gets better

Sonitrol Pacific is excited to launch “Good Stuff, squared” or “GS2”, a new program to thank people for referring new clients to us.

Refer a new client to Sonitrol Pacific and we’ll say “thanks” by donating $100 in your name to the charity of your choice AND giving you $100.  Click the “Refer a Friend” link from any page on our website and complete the information fields.  Once your referral signs an agreement for services with Sonitrol Pacific, we’ll make the $100 donation and give you $100.

What can your referral do?
• A $100 donation to an organization in your community.
• A friend or colleague gains peace of mind from Sonitrol Pacific’s complete security.
• Police can take more criminals off the streets with our verified detection.
• Early detection means fewer losses for our clients when a criminal does target them.  In 2008, 25% of suspects were caught before getting inside a Sonitrol Pacific protected facility.
• Our passionate commitment to reducing false alarms saves clients money and time, and saves scarce police resources.

Who would a Sonitrol Pacific security system benefit?
Any business or organization who is:
• A recent victim of crime.
• Located in a high crime or increasing crime area.
• Moving or considering a move.
• Building a new facility.
• A user of a conventional system without recent review or customer service visit.
• Looking to increase their level of security while reducing costs.
• A frequent target of vandalism like churches, community centers and schools.