Giggling gives away school trespassers

Cindy Burr

Sonitrol Pacific audio security sensors picked up giggling inside a Puget Sound area school and the monitoring operator sent police to apprehend a trespassing pair December 18.

Monitoring Operator Cindy Burr received the security system activation from the school just after noon.  She spoke with the school’s principal who decided to go investigate.

When the principal arrived on campus, she caught a glimpse of someone through a classroom window.  She returned to her car and waited for police to arrive.

While officers were on their way, Burr heard giggling over the audio security sensors in the school.

According to police, two girls went inside the school to use the restroom.  They entered through a door that didn’t latch properly, tried to stay quiet and wrote an apology for being in the school when they shouldn’t on a classroom whiteboard.