Gerber Collision + Sonitrol Pacific = 'great decision'

July 3, Tacoma Police arrested one man suspected of breaking into vehicles in the Gerber Collision yard after Operator Mike Young saw the man on our monitored security camera system. Today, we received this thank you note from General Manager Jody Durant.

“Four years ago, Gerber Collision Tacoma signed up with Sonitrol Pacific.  It was a great decision!  Sonitrol Pacific employees have been quick to respond to all our requests.  On one occasion, they came to fix a problem with our outside cameras before we knew there was a problem.  Sonitrol Pacific technicians and customer service provided solutions when the system was not doing what we wanted it to do, and because of their Commitment to Service guarantee, we did not receive a bill or an increase in our monthly charges.

Just about 6 months ago, intruders broke into our secure customer storage lot.  Sonitrol Pacific’s operators saw the guys on our outdoor monitored camera system rummaging through parked cars and dispatched the police quickly!  The police gave chase and after stopping 2 men a couple blocks away, they were let go with no charges.

Last Saturday night, Sonitrol Pacific dispatchers saw a man on our monitored camera system breaking into a car in the secured lot.  This time the police were able to get here in time to catch the guy in the act and arrest him.  All the items were recovered and the damage was minimal because the police showed up quickly.

I could have come to work to find a major loss with just a video to show me what happened over the weekend, instead Sonitrol Pacific’s operators were monitoring our cameras live and were able to tell the police exactly how many people were there and what they were doing.  I would recommend this company to anyone looking for building security or a camera system.  This is an invaluable investment.

Jody Durant
General Manager
Gerber Collision Tacoma