From our Team to Yours

What’s happening with the Sonitrol Pacific Accounting Team?

Marolyn Slayter has joined the Portland Safety Committee.

Leslie Erickson is excited to announce that the Accounting Department has completed thier software upgrade.

Salena Wolfe is an SNDA Contest Winner.
“I want to be honest I thought I didn’t stand a chance.  I’ve tried two or three years prior without even an honorable mention.  This year I was determined to get an honorable mention.  I started with brainstorming ideas for every essay and problem solving questions.  I figured, the more ideas I had for one, that’d be the one I’d choose to write about.  I kept struggling.  No matter how many ideas I had, I couldn’t pull them together.  I put it aside for a week and was going to come back to it…and before I knew, the test was due that day!  So, I sat down determined to do my best for procrastination’s sake.  I threw my ideas out and started brainstorming all over again, but this time things started to click.  I found examples within the office that I could use to stress my points.  That seemed to be the key.  After minor grammar corrections, I turned in my final copy of the test.  (No Melissa, Anne and I did not plot together so I could win this year, I promise.  Joel was just g.)  When I got the call from Michelle, I was in shock.  I’d been working on an intensive project all day and hadn’t looked at SPIN.  I was so excited I thought I might cry, especially hearing Michelle’s voice quiver.  Pride for my team, management, and for myself.  Shock doesn’t describe it when I saw the other winners.  What a crew to take this trip with!  I’m so proud of everyone! Goal: have fun, learn a lot, and don’t trip!” said Salena

Melissa Hager wants to extended her congratulations to Deja Irving for earning February Employee of the Month.