Former Employee Breaks into Boise Business

Ibikenternal theft by current or even former employees is a big problem for businesses. According to CBS News, a typical organization loses 5% of its total revenue to employee fraud. While accountability processes and good hiring can mitigate that threat, sometimes it takes more than that to catch perpetrators in the act.

Our Operator, Jessica, received a door alarm in Boise on May 24 from the shop area of a large rental company. She heard what sounded like the door opening and closing with someone on site. Jessica dispatched police. The officers found and detained one intruder until the emergency contact arrived. Apparently, the suspect was a former employee who broke into the shop looking for something to steal. He found a bike that belonged to a current employee and attempted to take it. The story he gave the police was that he worked for another branch of the company and had left his bike inside the location earlier. The emergency contact confirmed that the suspect’s story was false and the suspect was arrested.

This incident is definitely not the first time we’ve detected break-ins by disgruntled ex-employees. Comprehensive, verified security goes a long way toward protecting company assets and people.