Flashback Friday!

Hitting milestones in our apprehension records is always cause for celebration (110 so far this year!). It also invites us to look back and remember the many milestones we’ve reached in our 35 years of operation. So here it is– another Flashback Friday for your viewing pleasure…

If this doesn’t remind you of the past, I don’t know what will!Of course, we still use that equipment to monitor all of our accounts…JUST KIDDING!

See the man in the middle photo? That’s Beau Bradley, our founder and CEO!

Check out this news coverage! Remember when newspapers were a thing?

We love being in the news!

Well, that’s all for this week’s Flashback Friday. I still have a box full of VHS tapes full of retro advertising gold, so make sure you check back next week!

Until then, follow us on Pinterest for more fun photos.