Flashback Friday Strikes Again!

First off, let’s clear some things up:

The 80s were a different time. Here at Sonitrol Pacific, we have undeniable proof of that fact– photo albums full of it. Like this one.

To set the record straight, our Verification Center has since upgraded to computers. Also, smoking in the office is now frowned upon.

Cigarettes or not, our operators have ALWAYS rocked. Check out a couple of news clippings below:

Yes, that page does say “Apprehenion.” No matter how you spell it, we loved catching bad guys, even back then.

We like to tell people about how good our systems are. We haven’t run many print ads lately– maybe we should bring this one back. It was our very first ad!

Stay tuned for next week– I have a big box full of Sonitrol Pacific VHS tapes. Can you say priceless?

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