The Final Countdown: 5

Kicking off the Sonitrol Pacific year-end countdown of our top apprehensions at number five is April 23’s Coin Market arrest. Making this apprehension especially notable was the creative entry attempt.

A suspected burglar tried to literally get around the Sonitrol Pacific security system installed at The Coin Market, LLC in Lynnwood, Wash on April 23 by breaking into a neighboring business and punching a hole in the drywall separating the two stores. Fortunately, expert monitoring and quick police response from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s deputies resulted in the arrest of the man before he was able to get inside the store.

At 11:41 p.m., Operator Kris Etheridge received an impact-activated audio sensor alert from Coin Market. Through the site’s audio verification panel, she heard a loud crashing noise and dispatched the Snohomish County Sheriff. Etheridge continued to monitor activity on the  scene to keep officers updated of the suspect’s location.

The deputies arrived within minutes of the dispatch and launched a search of the building with a K-9 police dog. They found the back door of the neighboring business broken, spotted the drywall hole and saw that the Sonitrol Pacific siren had been ripped off of the wall through the hole. Shortly after, the deputies captured the suspect. He was arrested before gaining entry to The Coin Market.

According to officers, the suspect first tried to use a crowbar on a back door to get into the store. When the door wouldn’t give, the suspect went to work on the door of the neighboring business and used the crowbar to punch holes in the wall dividing the two businesses. He was caught just as he made the hole big enough to crawl through.

The business owner was thrilled to arrive on scene and see the suspect handcuffed inside a police car. He said the deputies raved about  the value of knowing exactly where a suspect is hiding inside a protected building.

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