FDA Urges Vigilant Security to Reduce Public Health Risk | We Can Help

April 28 the FDA released a letter to cargo and warehouse stakeholders urging vigilance and tighter security practices when storing or transporting FDA regulated items.

“FDA is very concerned about the increase in cargo and warehouse thefts of FDA regulated products, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vaccines, medical devices, and infant formula. These crimes threaten the public health because product that has left the legitimate supply chain poses potential safety risks to consumers.” 

As highlighted by MSNBC, the recent break-in at an Eli Lilly warehouse and theft of more than $75 million of pharmaceuticals punctuates the risk these businesses have.

Fortunately, Sonitrol Pacific can help.  April 24, one of our audio security systems detected a break-in at an Everett, Wash. pharmacy.  Police were dispatched on a verified alarm and arrived in minutes to arrest the two suspected burglars.  All the drugs were recovered.

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