Fast response = no time for damage

Bricia Mejia

A Sonitrol Pacific monitoring operator took action when she received security audio of a door opening and closing, allowing police to catch three suspected school trespassers February 26.

Operator Bricia Mejia received the initial impact-activated audio sensor alert from the gym area of the school around 4 p.m.  She heard a door open and close, and left a message for the school district’s security guard.  Moments later, Mejia heard kids’ voices and what sounded like people running through the building; she called the security guard again.  He was already on his way to the school when she reached him.

The guard arrived at the school and promptly caught three kids trespassing.  He knew there was at least one more person hiding inside the school, so police were called to assist with the search.  They asked Mejia to keep them updated on security sensor and alarm activity in the school so they could track the movements of any more intruders.

According to police, five kids got inside the school.  Three were caught and later released to their parents.

“They didn’t have a chance to do any damage to the school,” said the head of the school district’s security.  “Your operators are too fast.”