Everett burglary spree alert

Crime Trend Alert from the Everett Police Department – December 1, 2010:

While reviewing crime reports over the past several weeks, a series of commercial burglaries was noted by the Everett Police Department – Crime Analysis Unit.


  • Inside the City of Everett: 5
  • Regionally, outside of Everett: 10
  • MO: Locations with multiple businesses attached (similar to a strip mall).  A less secure, vacant or smaller business is selected and entry is forced/pried through an exterior door.  Once inside, access to surrounding businesses is made by ripping through drywall.  Multiple businesses are burglarized at one time.
  • Cash is targeted – typically not merchandise
  • There appears to be prior knowledge of building and business layout.


  • Research and hire alarm professionals to install an audible alarm and monitor your system
  • Alarms are for entry detection and are not physical barriers
  • Have clearly visible alarm signage
  • Install video cameras to watch cash registers
  • Secure doors, windows, skylights and other openings with high quality locks
  • Use heavy-duty solid construction rear doors with bars secured to the structure for added strength

Paw Tips:

  • Lock your business at night.
  • Proper lighting deters crime.
  • Use your alarm system.
  • Work with neighboring businesses.


For more information on these burglaries, you can refer to reports from KIRO newsKOMO news, and the Everett HeraldNet.

Most burglar alarm technologies miss these strip mall break-ins, because the burglars get in through an unusual point of entry – either a shared wall, roof hatch or drop down ceiling – and the system is delayed in activating or doesn’t activate at all.

Sonitrol Pacific’s audio sensors deliver wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling coverage, making the point of entry moot.  We regularly send police to arrest burglars who got into our clients’ business by first breaking into a neighboring business (hear one such incident).  And, it’s not uncommon for our operators to send police to make arrests because they are hearing audio of threatening sounds from a client’s sensors when actually, the burglar is inside the business next door.

Monitored by a member of the Sonitrol Pacific team, our audio sensor technology is so effective that police arrested suspects before they got into our clients’ buildings 30% of the time in 2009.

As the HeraldNet article points out, Jay’s Market in Lake Stevens once was a victim of the “drywall burglars” and this current rash of break-ins follow a similar modus operandi.  Happily, Jay’s Market became a Sonitrol Pacific client a few months ago and our detection led to the arrest of three suspected burglars on November 6.