Etheridge wins 2010 Peggy Carman award

Kris Etheridge, expert Sonitrol Pacific operator

Kristine Etheridge dispatched police to catch 38 suspects in 2010, earning Sonitrol Pacific’s “Peggy Carman” award during a company-wide ceremony January 17.

The “Peggy Carman” award was created in 2008 to honor Sonitrol Pacific’s long-time employee, culture ambassador and “Godmother”, Peggy Carman.  It is given annually to the operator responsible for the most apprehensions that year.  Etheridge’s monitoring and verification skills led to dispatches resulting in the arrest of 38 suspected burglars, vandals and trespassers, 20 percent of Sonitrol Pacific’s total detections-to-apprehensions in 2010.

Etheridge joined the Sound Security team in August 2007 and is an expert at monitoring Sonitrol Pacific’s audio detection technology.  Audio security sensors work differently from security systems based on motion sensors and door contact sensors.  When Sonitrol Pacific’s audio sensors pick-up abnormal activity at a customer’s facility, a signal is sent to our Operations Center and operators listen to live audio transmissions from the site.  Once the alarm is verified, they immediately call the proper authorities or if no threat exists, reset the system without disturbing the police or the customer.

Operator Jessica Culver gave Etheridge some tough competition, but at the end of 2010, Culver had 37 apprehensions to Etheridge’s 38.  Several other monitoring operators had a very successful year, too.

OperatorIncidents Apprehensions
Kris Etheridge1538
Jessica Culver1737
Bricia Mejia724
Michael Young1218
Minta Christopherson917
Sarah Bailey613
Kathleen Armstrong411
Joe Orsborn810
Robin Goings69
Ashley Sutton36
Denise Smith23
Tara Fulmer23
Jeff LaMont22
Lora Orsborn12
Cindy Burr11

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