Eight Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

It’s 2016 and thieves and burglars alike have become even more inventive. They’ve seen a lot of common mistakes that they know to look for. Better protect your home this year by avoiding these common home security mistakes.

You only sometimes lock your doors:
You may live in a nice neighborhood, have friendly and watchful neighbors, but that still won’t stop a burglar from breaking into your home. Maybe you leave a back door unlocked or the windows cracked when it’s hot out and you’re without air conditioning. It’s imperative that when you leave your house that all doors AND windows are shut and locked. Protect yourself as best as you can, it all starts with a simple lock up.

You post your vacation plans online: This is a major red flag and it’s something we continue to bring up as a safety tip . Under no circumstances should you be posting about your vacation until after you return. Even if your account is “private,” you are better off not announcing your plans as you don’t know who all is viewing your page.

Your spare key is “hidden” outside your home: Under no circumstances should you have a hide-a-key around your property. Thieves know all the hiding places for your key, regardless of how well hidden you think it is. You are much better off giving an extra key to a trusted neighbor.

You don’t have a security system installed or it’s fake: Burglars know better as to which cameras are real and which ones are fake. If they can tell its fake, it’s a pretty good indicator you don’t have much else to protect your home and therefore gives a thief the green light to break in.

You have an alarm system but don’t arm it: If you have a security system in your home, make a habit of setting it EVERY time you leave the house. There is no excuse for not securing your home when you already have a system in place. Leave yourself a note at the door, set up text reminders, etc.

The locks have never been changed or haven’t been updated in some time: Thieves and burglars alike become familiar with certain locks over time. It’s a good idea to get your locks updated every few years, even if no incidents have occurred. Staying up-to-date is just another way to protect your home, family and valuables.

Your home’s interior and exterior is dark: Common sense, if the lights are off inside and outside your home, it’s a big flashing sign saying that you aren’t home. At the very least, add automated lighting inside so lights can come on even if you’re not around. For the outside, add motion sensors which will help cut down on your electric bill as opposed to leaving lights on outside all the time.

Your landscape has grown too lengthy: A bushy tree or tall shrub is the perfect hiding spot for a prowler. Make a point of trimming your landscape as often as necessary so there is no place left to hide out in your yard.

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