Dude, where’s my horse and buggy?

The Metro Parks Fort Nisqually Living History Museum in Tacoma is known for preserving the culture and aesthetic of the Puget Sound’s first European settlement during the fur trade era. On Thursday, November 29, it became known in our Verification Center as the site of our most recent apprehension.

Operator Kris Etheridge dispatched Tacoma police at 3 a.m. after receiving audio detection and motion sensor alarms from the fence perimeter doors. She could hear voices over audio-impact alarm system.

When police arrived, they found four adults and one juvenile onsite, all high on marijuana. The group had made it past the museum’s outdoor gate but was unable to get into the historical buildings. All five suspected trespassers were taken into police custody.

Had the group not been apprehended with the help of Sonitrol’s security solutions, they probably would have been very startled to find themselves seemingly transported back to the 1800s when they awoke from their drug-induced slumber…