Dr. Valentine shows Sonitrol Pacific some love

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted November 25, 2009

Audio security sensors deliver many benefits traditional burglar alarm systems can’t. Sound waves travel 360 degrees and audio sensors deliver wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling protection. Once activated, audio is recorded at the protected facility, keeping police officers informed on what the intruders are doing and saying and where they are inside the building. Also, security recordings are used as evidence during a trial.

All of these features came into play for Dr. Valentine when someone broke into his home, as he describes in a letter he wrote to Sonitrol Pacific November 23.

“About five years ago I decided to install a monitored alarm system in my newly built home. I chose Sonitrol. What a great decision that was!

One day while I was at work I received a call that the alarm at my house was going off. Your employee could hear the thieves inside the house. The police were dispatched. I came home to find my truck stolen along with many items from my home. It looked like the thieves broke in through an upper story window.

Over the next month an investigation took place. The most important part of that investigation was the audio tape taken at Sonitrol. In it, the thieves called each other by name and you could hear them step by step as they rifled through the house. Due to the fact that we knew their names we were able to identify them. The police gave the two robbers a visit and arrested them. Your tape was used in the prosecution and they were brought to justice.

Thank you! This system worked superbly! I will always recommend Sonitrol.

Dr. Russell S. Valentine”