At Sonitrol Pacific, Doing What is Right Doesn’t Stop for the Weekend

Our technology may be different from what traditional security companies deliver, but what really makes Sonitrol Pacific different is our Mission and values.  From the first employees (Beau and Deb Bradley) to the newest, the behavior of every member of our team is driven by the standards detailed by our Core Values.

While all the values are important, Core Value #4, Do what is right, stands out.  This weekend, I saw another example of CV4 in action.

Saturday morning, I received this angry email from someone who mistakenly thought we provided security for his home:  “Please, first of all acknowledge that your company is a money sucking, non-customer service friendly alarm company. I had planned on spending my Saturday with my dog and enjoying the beautiful OR sunshine. Now I sit and wait for you to fix/reset the system. I wonder if there is anyone there that really cares about the customer. I will tell everyone I know about the non service and unfriendly phone operators who shuffled me around to several different places and operators. My wife has been told she needs something fixed for over a year. I need your help. Please don’t ignore me. I’m sure that you don’t have one customer that pays you guys over 4 million dollars a year so I suggest that you take care of the many customers that make your salary.”

Even though this person was not a Sonitrol Pacific customer (he lives in a city where we do not provide security services), I didn’t want to leave him hanging … leave him thinking he was being ignored, yet again.  I contacted one of our vice presidents who felt it would be best for him to call the angry man personally.  He immediately called, but got voice mail.  He then sent an email to follow up on the message.

Even though this man isn’t a customer (and never will be as he lives outside Sonitrol Pacific’s service area), and even though it was a sunny Saturday morning, because of CV4, our team took time to try to help him.  Now that’s doing what is right.