Truck Dealership Burglar Arrested in Des Moines, WA

JoeOrsborn2008An intrusion at a truck dealership in Des Moines, WA this morning caused audio activations that alerted Joe Orsborn to the break-in. He dispatched the Des Moines PD. The officers saw someone moving around inside and decided to find a way in. The officers and a K-9 made their way inside and arrested the suspect.

The officers determined that the suspect cut a hole in the fence to gain entry to the yard, where he then cut the phone lines and broke through a window. He started piling up the company laptops. The officers were able to retrieve all of the computers when they made the arrest.

Laptop HP

Leah spoke with the customer this morning and he was very appreciative of our system and our dispatch. He says he feels very secure with our system and couldn’t be happier. The Des Moines PD were also very happy with the detection and “couldn’t stop praising the Sonitrol system.”

Success stories like this are the reason we are in the audio detection business!