Restaurant Break-In Leads Reevaluation of Security

Mike Rau

*By Mike Rau, Portland Security Consultant*

Last week, I went and walked in on this eatery that had recently experienced a break-in and met with the owner. He sat down with me and explained that he had a system from one of the big national companies but had cancelled his service about two weeks before the break-in as he was extremely unhappy with their lack of response regarding service calls, charges for service visits and their general attitude. After our meeting, he grasped the concept of audio detection and as he had a camera system in place but the DVR had been stolen in the intrusion, he wanted a quote on that also.

Custom restaurant security systemMy boss then helped me with the custom restaurant security system design, met with the restaurant owner and we quoted him. While the investment was a little higher than what he had paid his previous company, he was okay with it because he knew he wouldn’t have the same issues as he had had previously. I continued to follow up with him as he made his decision and yesterday afternoon he finalized the purchase of an intrusion detection system with four audio detectors, one keypad and one DVR with system maintenance. If the burglar from a couple weeks ago comes back to this restaurant, they’ll be in for a big surprise when no alarm sounds but police show up in minutes.