Crime Doesn’t Take a Holiday

By Kerry Goodwin, Sonitrol Pacific Puget Sound Director of Schools
Posted January 8, 2009

During the Pacific Northwest’s “Snowpocalyps” of 2008, it was nearly impossible for commuters to commute, for travelers to travel, and for drivers to drive. The unusual amount of snow and ice for a typically temperate region nearly shut down everything.
Businesses were closed, schools were closed, streets were closed. The one thing that didn’t take time off for the weather was crime.

Sonitrol Pacific, a respected regional security company, dispatched authorities on six different verified criminal events during the inclement weather between December 17 and December 31, and law enforcement officials arrested 15 intruders from those dispatches.

This is an unusually high two week period of activity. Nonetheless, each event met with our usual successful record of apprehensions thanks to the police chaining their vehicles.

Sonitrol Pacific is well known in the Northwest for recording apprehensions from their dispatches, due primarily to the verified audio technology they utilize for their method of alarm reporting.

The security company hopes businesses and organizations learn from the recent flurry of criminal activity. It’s important to know criminals don’t take the time off just because of extreme weather conditions and barely passable roads. Such conditions actually present a window of opportunity for criminals to perform their dirty work with less threat of being caught. Unless, of course, Sonitrol Pacific installed audio sensors in the building and police have chains on their cruisers.