Core Value Number Four: Do What is Right

By Heather Orso, Sonitrol Pacific Seattle Customer Service Representative
Posted November 19, 2008

On November 15, about 3:30 in the afternoon, Sonitrol Pacific’s Operation Center received an emergency call from the Poulsbo Library elevator phone. A lady was stuck inside and needed help.

Sonitrol Pacific Operator Tara Fulmer received the call. She went to the operator log book to get the name of the location and the phone number she found no listing for the address prerecorded on the elevator phone. Thinking quickly, Tara Googled the address, learned the call was coming from the Poulsbo Library and quickly dispatched the fire department. The fire department arrived on scene and rescued the lady.

When I investigated the incident, I learned this wasn’t a current Sonitrol Pacific monitoring customer. I called the library and discovered they contracted with and paid another company to monitor their elevator for almost five years. This other monitoring company never reprogrammed or tested the phone. Very Scary!

Thank you to Tara for her actions, going above and beyond for this non-customer, City of Poulsbo. She put our Core Values into action.