Congrats to the Kimberlite crew!

Our partners in the electronic security verification movement to the south, Kimberlite (dba Sonitrol Security), had an impressive month of detection-to-apprehensions in July.  They helped police reel in 151 suspects.  Even by Sonitrol National Dealers Association’s (SNDA) standards, this is a massive number.

While we at Sonitrol Pacific still firmly believe our Operations Center/Central Station is the best around, we happily acknowledge that Kimberlite’s organization is pretty awesome too.

You can read more about Kimberlite’s apprehension record and the SNDA’s commitment to verified alarm systems in Dan Gelinas’ article, “‘Best central station in the world’ assists in 151 apprehensions in July,” posted at Security System News.

Check out Sonitrol Pacific’s 2010 record of helping police get bad guys off the streets.