‘Combative’ intruder detected, arrested

An intoxicated intruder at a Portland theater group facility told police to “shoot me” when they confronted him after responding to Sonitrol Pacific’s detection and dispatch May 28.

Security system monitoring operator Michael Young received the impact-activated audio alarm from the building after 3:30 a.m.  He heard a single loud crash and called Portland Police.  While on the phone with the dispatching center, Young heard “increasingly loud sharp bangs”.

Police got to the building in about five minutes and confronted a man just as he was about to go inside.  The suspect became combative and an officer drew his gun.  The suspect told the police officer to “go ahead and shoot me”.

The man was taken into custody without further incident.

According to police, the man was drunk and randomly decided to target the theater group’s building.  He smashed a hole through the reinforced glass front door and had his arm inside when police arrived.