Church Security

Audio security activates, burglars arrested, church property recovered

Officers arrested two people suspected of burglarizing a church after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system detected a break-in in progress. A Sonitrol Pacific Operator received an activation from the Sonitrol Pacific security system at a Church in Snohomish and heard prying and tapping sounds over the live audio sensors. She immediately called sheriff’s deputies. Officers located and arrested two suspects inside the church. All of the church’s property, including a cash box, was recovered and returned. One suspect admitted to being on crystal meth. A third accomplice initially evaded deputies and was caught later, but released due to lack of evidence. According to officers, the suspects got into the church by breaking the lock on a window and reaching in to open it without breaking the glass. Once inside, they proceeded upstairs to the church’s main office and kicked open doors looking for cash. This Church has experienced previous incidents of vandalism and attempted break-ins. These arrests are expected to deter future criminal activity.

Special Thanks To: Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department
Location: A Church