Christmas Eve Eve clatter detected, grinch arrested

Operator Michael Young

Police arrested the suspected burglar of a Tacoma area medical marijuana clinic after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security sensors detected the break-in December 23.

Monitoring Operator Michael Young received an impact-activated audio security alert from Sacred Plant Medicine just before 4 a.m.  He heard a “sharp clatter” followed by sounds of movement and called Tacoma Police.  While on the phone with the police dispatcher, Young heard a man’s voice and rummaging noises.

Police were on scene within minutes and surrounded the business.  They located a small window that the suspect broke and used to get inside; he cut himself in the process.  Police waited for the suspect to exit the window and arrested him.

According to police, the suspect left a trail of blood through the store from the cuts he sustained crawling through the broken window.  He bypassed the register with cash inside, an iPad, prescription medications and other items of value.  However, a display case of t-shirts, pipes and other accessories caught his eye and he cut himself again breaking the glass to get to those items.

“The Sonitrol Pacific security system worked exactly the way they said it would,” said the business owner.  “You guys really saved me a lot of heartache.”