Secure Client Log In

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The wait is almost over for those of you eager to put your username and password into action with the Secure Client log in feature of our new website. This feature will be active at the end of the day on February 7. If you don’t have your username and password, click on the “Client Login” icon and request a … Read More

The Spyware Battle

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By Mike Wheeler, Sound Security IT Administrator Posted January 25, 2008 This is a great article for non-technical users in your organization to help safeguard your computers and network. Foundations: How Does Spyware Get onto My Computer? By Corey Nachreiner, Network Security Analyst, WatchGuard Technologies

FCC Rules Change February 1

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Important Notice for All Clients with a Cellular Backup Module By Barbara Hamlin, Portland Director of Customer Service Posted January 21, 2008 The United States Federal Communications Commission ruled that wireless telephone providers will no longer be required to support the original analog wireless network after February 1, 2008. Some Sonitrol Pacific clients have a cellular back up module that … Read More

Is that a Salesperson in my lobby?

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By Chris Contreras, Portland Sales Manager Posted January 18, 2008 You may have asked yourself that very question a number of times just this week alone. Consider this: daytime theft in commercial businesses has ballooned into a multi-billion dollar problem according to FBI statistics. Yes, that’s right, theft in the middle of the workday! Something as innocent as a salesperson … Read More

A Rose by Any Other Name

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Posted by Wayne Ohlemeier, Chief Technical Officer January 7th, 2008 Our industry, like many others, has its own language. We often find ourselves using words, abbreviations, and phrases which we understand but the general public has no idea what we are referring to. A great many of our clients have become security speak savvy but many more are too polite … Read More