Beware of Door Knockers

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The reputation of a door knocker is not a positive one: pushy, obnoxious and deceptive are just a few of the ways people describe them. Nor will they take no for an answer. Not only are some trying to sell services but others are attempting to use it as a way to break into your home or at least scope … Read More

Seven Ways Protect Your Rental Property

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Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway and others like it are all popular vacation rental platforms. So maybe you’re thinking about renting out your house, apartment, loft or condo on one of these sites? It’s a great way to make a little extra money and can be a great experience if you take the necessary safety measures. No matter the property, we’ve got … Read More

Tip Tuesday: What to Do If Your Package Has Been Stolen

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We’ve previously reviewed how to stop package theft, but what should you do if you believe your package was already stolen? It could be one of two things. One, the company who shipped your package did not actually deliver it like they said. Or, someone did steal it from your front door. Neither of these are comforting scenarios, but there … Read More

Playground Safety

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Whether it’s in your backyard or down the street at the local park, playground safety is crucial. According to National Program for Playground Safety’s website, of the 218,851 preschool and elementary school children who were injured on playground equipment, 51% of the injuries occurred on a public playground whereas 19% occurred on a playground at home. All between the years … Read More

Back to School Safety

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With classes back in session comes the flood of school buses, kids on bikes, slower driving speeds and backed up traffic. It’s always important to drive slowly and check your surroundings but it’s especially important in September when kids are headed back to school. Did you know that children are hit by cars most often near schools between the ages … Read More

Tip Tuesday: Camping Safety

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Did you know that over 45 million people went camping between spring 2008 and 2015? If camping plans are on your horizon and you aren’t prepared or properly educated, your camping trip could quickly go awry. Check out our top tips below. Always bring extra food and water: Generally speaking you would probably bring enough food just for the time … Read More

Two Apprehensions in Two Days!

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It was early in the morning on the 28th when our operator received alarm activations from the second floor of an apartment complex in Everett. She could hear someone on site and thought the person was going through things so she dispatched the police. Police set up a perimeter and waited for the person to exit. One male was taken … Read More

Tip Tuesday: Preparing for Disaster

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Hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, oh my! Natural disasters are a difficult topic to discuss, but they happen and it’s vital we prepare ahead of time in the event a disaster occurs in our area. Preparing for disasters improve post-disaster outcomes in our communities, schools, businesses and in our homes. You should create a detailed emergency plan for your family, including … Read More