Two Suspects Arrested After Audio Activations

We recently learned that two burglars were apprehended (and a third escaped) at a Portland high school earlier this week. A janitor left a window open at the school, which apparently was too enticing for the suspects to pass up. But rather than sneaking in and out undetected because no door or window sensors were activated, the culprits found themselves … Read More

Thrift Shop Thieves Strike Again

A thrift shop in Monroe, WA keeps getting hit by a man and a woman who go through the bins outdoors. We’ve helped Monroe PD make 11 arrests at the shop since July, but the suspects still keep coming back. The suspects are always a man and a woman working together to go through the donation bins outside. In July, … Read More

Update on the burglary-turned-party in downtown Portland

Here’s an update on our latest arrest, which took place at the University Club in downtown Portland. As you may remember reading in our earlier blog post, a suspect was arrested on the scene and we knew that others had escaped. On Friday, Portland Police reported that two other suspects turned themselves in to the police after seeing clear and … Read More

Bold Burglars Break Into Buildings

Saturday morning was the time for brazen burglars in Portland and Tacoma. In the wee hours of the morning, our Operators detected two break-ins: Mike Young dispatched Portland PD not long after midnight after detecting a break-in at a private city club building downtown. He heard sharp clattering and movement as well as multiple male voices. The officers reported that … Read More

Big Night for Burglars

Last night, Erika Post, an Operator in our Verification Center received several alarms about ten minutes after employees at a supply company in Portland armed their system for the very first time after it was installed. She called the responder to find out more, since it was so close to when the system was armed, and he went to check … Read More

Bellingham Business Burglar

Minta Christopherson was monitoring accounts in our Verification Center when she received audio activations from banging noises in the upstairs reception area of an insurance company in Bellingham, Wash. at 6 in the morning on September 3. She dispatched the police and continued hearing banging, movement, and a male voice while she was on the line with the dispatcher. The … Read More

Sonitrol Pacific Recognizes Officers After School Arrests

On the left is Joe Bullis, VP of Operations, next to members of the Stanwood Police Department. Kerry Goodwin, our Director of School Security in the Puget Sound, joined Joe to recognize the officers after a pair of arrests at a local middle school school in June. We presented the officers who were involved in the arrests with certificates commending … Read More

Police Stop Pot Shop Pilfering

Kris, an Operator in our Verification Center, received crashing sounds of breaking glass and voices at 420 Club/Mile High Green Magic in Tacoma at 3:30 this morning. She dispatched Tacoma PD and continued hearing lots of movement, followed by more alarm activity. The suspects kicked in the front door and then ran away to see if anything happened with the … Read More

School Burglar Leads Police on a Chase

Jeff, an Operator our Verification Center, was notified of door alarms at an elementary school in Tacoma at 9 p.m. last night. He could hear movement inside and notified the patrol guard. The guard was in a different part of the district and requested a police dispatch. As he was dispatching the police, Jeff received more alarms from the doors … Read More

Protecting the Power | Break-in at a Tacoma Power Company

Ashley was monitoring accounts on Sunday morning in our Verification Center when she received video alarms from the fence at a power company in Tacoma. She could see an individual at the back of the yard prowling between vehicles. As the suspect moved around, Ashley got a better look at him and she could see that he was wearing a … Read More