Sonitrol Pacific Weekend Wrap Up: School Security Deja Vu

Two sets of trios traipsing over the rooftops of Tacoma area schools were caught and released to parental custody over the weekend after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security detected them and an expert operator called the school district’s guard service. On September 11, Sonitrol Pacific Operator Sarah Bailey received a signal from the impact activated audio security system at an elementary … Read More

Rummaging detected by audio sensors leads to arrest

Sonitrol Pacific security audio of crashing, rummaging and rifling sounds lead police to arrest one suspected burglar at Acrowood Corporation Warehouse September 4. Operator Tara Fulmer received an impact-activated audio alert from the warehouse about 10:00 a.m.  Listening, Fulmer heard crashing noises, that could be glass breaking, followed by sounds of movement and called Everett Police. While officers were en … Read More

School vandals caught by audio sensors

Two people suspected of vandalizing a Washington middle school were caught after Sonitrol Pacific detected a threat August 12. Just after 11 p.m., Operator Michael Young received an activation from the  security sensors in the school’s west wing area.  Young followed the city’s burglar alarm ordinance protocol, then dispatched police. Officers arrived at the school within five minutes of Young’s … Read More

Burglars behind bars, guns stay in store

  Deputies interrupted the attempted burglary of a Lakewood, Wash. gun store and arrested four suspects before they got inside and took any weapons thanks to early detection by Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system September 7. Around 1:30 a.m., Operator Kris Etheridge received the impact-activated alert from Rainier Guns.  She listened to what was happening at the store and heard … Read More

Audio security system leads police to stolen computers

Despite an early morning break-in, Arakawa Hanging Systems suffered no losses, police recovered a truckload of stolen computers and neighboring businesses weren’t burglarized thanks to Operator Joe Orsborn expertly monitoring Arakawa’s Sonitrol Pacific audio security system. Just before 5 a.m. today, Joe received an activation of Arakawa’s system.  He listened to what was happening live on site and heard sounds … Read More

Sonitrol Pacific's 2010 detection-to-apprehension record

Criminals are getting more creative about how they break into businesses and Sonitrol Pacific’s 2010 record of detections leading to apprehensions reflects this. For years, breaking in through a door has been the most common point of entry criminals choose.  In 2009, 43 percent of the suspects caught due to a Sonitrol Pacific detection used the door.  However, I was … Read More

Congrats to the Kimberlite crew!

Our partners in the electronic security verification movement to the south, Kimberlite (dba Sonitrol Security), had an impressive month of detection-to-apprehensions in July.  They helped police reel in 151 suspects.  Even by Sonitrol National Dealers Association’s (SNDA) standards, this is a massive number. While we at Sonitrol Pacific still firmly believe our Operations Center/Central Station is the best around, we … Read More

12 Suspects Arrested, 3 Schools Secured, 1 Awesome Monitoring Operator

Twelve people were caught engaged in criminal activity at three different Tacoma area schools in less than four hours last night due to detections by Sonitrol Pacific security systems and the response of one operator. At 7:17 p.m., Sonitrol Pacific Operator Bricia Mejia received an impact-activated alarm from a public grade school and heard loud banging noises through the audio … Read More

2009 … it was a very busy year

The FBI’s preliminary 2009 Uniform Crime Report indicates a decline in most categories of crime.  This is fantastic news considering the common presumption that crime increases in economic downturns. While overall crime may be down, the number of people caught by a Sonitrol Pacific security system is up.  In 2009, police caught 199 suspected burglars, vandals, trespassers and robbers after … Read More