Car Dealership in Wilsonville

Audio Sensors Detect Car Dealership Vandal

Deputies arrested one man and charged him with felony vandalism after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system inside a car dealership detected the man outside on the car lot. Just after midnight, Operator Michael Young received a signal from the impact-activated audio sensors inside the car dealership. Listening to live audio, Young heard a man yelling for help. Thinking someone was injured at the dealership, he immediately dispatched emergency services. Young continued to monitor the cries and soon heard a single loud pop noise he thought could be a gun firing. He informed the Clackamas County dispatcher of what he heard. Moments later officers arrived.

According to deputies, the man wasn’t injured, but was drunk and had been told there was a party at the car dealership, then abandoned by his friends. Initially, the man yelled for help, but when his friends didn’t return, he took out his frustration on the cars in the dealership’s lot. However, due to the fast response of Young and the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department, the man only had time to knock off the side view mirror of one car and kick the door of another.

Special Thanks To: Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department
Location: Car Dealership