By the Numbers: 2010 Sonitrol Pacific Detections-to-Apprehensions

The Sonitrol Pacific team delivered for our clients again in 2010.

In all, 194 suspected burglars, vandals and trespassers were caught after Sonitrol Pacific detected them.  Of these, 27 percent were caught before getting inside the secured facility; another 23 percent broke in through a wall, the roof or other unusual point of entry that traditional burglar alarms would not have detected.  Only audio sensors installed and monitored by experts deliver this kind of coverage and results.

Here’s the breakdown of points of entry:
No Entry – 27%
Window – 25%
Door – 25%
Roof/Wall/Other 23%

The majority of suspected criminals caught in 2010 were burglars at 52 percent; 30 percent were trespassers; and 18 percent were vandals.

You can see our complete 2010 detection-to-apprehension record for details about each of these incidents.

Kris Etheridge1538
Jessica Culver1737
Bricia Mejia724
Michael Young1218
Minta Christopherson917
Sarah Bailey613
Kathleen Armstrong411
Joe Orsborn810
Robin Goings69
Ashley Sutton36
Denise Smith23
Tara Fulmer23
Jeff LaMont22
Lora Orsborn12
Cindy Burr11
Jaime Maranville00
Michelle Evans00
Stephany Ripley00