More Than a Business Security System: How Portland Customers View Sonitrol Pacific

**By Rick Miller, Portland Security Consultant**

I recently joined the Sonitrol Pacific team as a Security Consultant. I have been a representative for a variety of industries for the past 30 years; some good and some not-so-good at providing customer service. And although I’ve only been at Sonitrol Pacific less than two months, I can tell you I have never encountered the enthusiasm and praise for outstanding customer service as I have in talking to business owners using Sonitrol Pacific as their business security system in Portland.

My first foray into the field was to visit and introduce myself to our existing Sonitrol Pacific customers. Each and every business I called on was excited to talk to me about how much they appreciate our exceptional service and eager to let me know that they highly recommend our business security system to all of their professional contacts in the Portland area. For example, this past week I met with the owners of a business in a small strip mall to discuss potential upgrades to their current system. It was not long into our conversation that both owners told me that Sonitrol Pacific’s customer service is absolutely the best and how obvious it is to them that we truly care about providing the highest level of service in the industry. In fact, they actually told me, “If I didn’t have Sonitrol Pacific for my business security system, I wouldn’t have security at all.” That is pretty high praise and is what I heard consistently from the other Sonitrol Pacific customers I have visited in Portland over the past several weeks.

At Sonitrol Pacific customer service does matter, just ask the people who know: our customers.