Apprehension update: Car thief + drill = big arrest

In yesterday’s blog, we included some detail about a thwarted burglary at a Moneytree cash advance store. Now, all of the details are in and it’s a great story!

As stated earlier, operator Mike Young received audio alerts from the business security system with audio detection at around 2 a.m. coming from a scraping noise on the roof. He dispatched police and called the site’s emergency contacts. When one of the contacts arrived, she had to park next door due to the large number of police cars at the store. The police had the suspect in custody–they caught him as he was jumping off the 20-foot roof.

As it turns out, the man had also stolen a car earlier that night and parked it in a nearby church lot. He then jumped the fence of the Moneytree and climbed up to the roof. Using a drill, he cut a hole the size of a baseball through the top of the roof but was unable to cut through lower layers. This was no petty criminal– the suspect had set up a two-camera surveillance system and police scanner to avoid getting caught, but police reported that he was caught off guard. He was also carrying a stun gun and a battery saw, and had connected an extension cord up to the top of the roof.

He did not break in to the building. Detectives at the site found evidence that linked the man to other thefts and burglaries in the area, including another payday advance center and a cell phone store.

Thanks to Mike’s great operator skills, reliable Sonitrol Pacific business security systems, and the fast police response, the thief is now in jail.