Burrowing burglar bested by audio security

Kris Etheridge

A suspected burglar tried to beat the Sonitrol Pacific security system protecting a rare coin shop by breaking into a neighboring business and punching a hole in the drywall separating the two. He was unaware audio sensors detected him at the first sound he made and deputies were dispatched to pick him up before he could succeed.

April 23 around 11:30 p.m., Operator Kris Etheridge received an impact-activated audio sensor alert from Coin Market. She heard a loud crashing noise and dispatched Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputies. Etheridge continued to monitor activity on scene to keep officers updated. She heard more crashes and pounding noises.

Deputies were at the store within minutes of Etheridge’s call and launched a search with a police dog. They located a hole in the drywall between Coin Market and the business next door. Soon after, they caught the suspected burglar. He was arrested before getting into Coin Market.

According to officers, the suspect first tried to use a crowbar on a back door to get into Coin Market. When the door wouldn’t give, the suspect went to work on the door of the neighboring business and used the crowbar to punch holes in the wall dividing the two businesses.

The business owner was thrilled to arrive on scene and see the suspect handcuffed inside a police car. He said deputies raved about how nothing compares to Sonitrol Pacific’s audio and the value of monitoring operators telling them exactly where a suspect is inside a protected building.