Burglars Caught Using Grappling Hook, Break-in Through School Roof

Police arrested three people suspected of using a grappling hook to climb a grade school and break-in through a roof hatch after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system detected voices October 2.

At 1:21 a.m., Operator Kathleen Armstrong received an impact-activated audio sensor alert from room 146 at the school.  After hearing men’s voices, Armstrong dispatched police and security guards to the scene.

Kirkland Police arrived in under 10 minutes and swept the school, but found no one.  Since the call was for an audio verified alarm, officers sent in a K9 unit to track down the intruders.  The police dog quickly sniffed out three juveniles hiding in cabinets in the staff room.

According to police, the suspected burglars scaled the school using a grappling hook and managed to get inside through a roof hatch that had been chained down.  Officers are investigating the three for a previous burglary at the school that happened when the security system wasn’t turned on.

Special “thanks” to the Kirkland Police Department.

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