Burglars Not Deterred by Winter Storms

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted December 24, 2008

Despite the recent serious of winter storms that have blanketed the Pacific Northwest with an unusually high accumulation of snow, our Operations Center is jumping with activations and leading to the apprehensions of burglary suspects.

Yesterday alone, three burglary suspects were arrested in two separate events. Unfortunately, many criminals take advantage of people away from the office for the holidays or due to poor road conditions to break in. Fortunately for Sonitrol Pacific clients, our amazing operators and technicians are always on duty, making sure systems are working perfectly and detecting suspicious activity.

Our ability to verify through audio sensors lets clients stay at home when their system is activated, rather than calling around to check if anyone knows what’s going on. Sonitrol Pacific operators are experts with sound analysis and can determine the nature of the activation based on what our live audio sensors capture.