Burglars in Bellingham Booked Into Jail


When two burglars broke into an insurance company building in Bellingham last night, Operator Jessica Culver was immediately alerted to the audio of glass breaking and movement in the facility’s back room. She could hear a male and a female inside and dispatched police. The suspects were rummaging and banging things around while Jessica stayed on the line with the dispatcher. Officers arrived in an impressive two minutes and surrounded the building. They found a partially broken window with the screen removed. The K9 officers announced themselves multiple times, but the criminals refused to surrender. Jessica could even hear them inside trying to find a good hiding spot. The officers eventually forced their way in and it wasn’t long before the K9 found their “good” hiding spots. The female intruder had locked herself in the bathroom and refused to come out, prompting the officers to again force entry. The man fled outside and right into the hands of the surrounding officers.

JuddBlackWhen Jessica spoke with the emergency responder, he said that there really wasn’t much damage given the course of events that had taken place, aside from the broken window and doors. The suspects also helped themselves to a snack in the break room.

Listen to edited audio clips from the burglary, including the release of the K-9!