Burglars behind bars, guns stay in store


Kris Etheridge, expert Sonitrol Pacific operator

Deputies interrupted the attempted burglary of a Lakewood, Wash. gun store and arrested four suspects before they got inside and took any weapons thanks to early detection by Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system September 7.

Around 1:30 a.m., Operator Kris Etheridge received the impact-activated alert from Rainier Guns.  She listened to what was happening at the store and heard thuds, prying noises and other sounds of movement.  Etheridge immediately called the sheriff’s department on a verified alarm.

While on the phone with the sheriff’s dispatcher, Etheridge began to hear voices at the store.  She stayed on the phone with the dispatcher and kept deputies updated on the threatening activity.

Officers were on scene within minutes and caught three people trying to pry the air conditioner off the wall.  A fourth person was caught about a block away.  All were caught before they got inside the store.  The fire department also responded in order to allow deputies to access the store’s roof and make sure no one was hiding there.

According to deputies, the suspects planned to remove the air conditioner from a side wall of the store to get inside.  However, due to Sonitrol Pacific’s early detection and dispatch on a verified alarm, the four were arrested before entering the building and getting access to guns.

Owner Tom Anderson said when Etheridge called him, he knew something was really going on because Sonitrol Pacific never misses.

Special “thanks” to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

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