Police: store lucky to have Sonitrol

Kris Etheridge, expert Sonitrol Pacific operator

Crashing sounds activated Sonitrol Pacific’s audio based security system and the monitoring operator sent police to arrest two people suspected of trying to steal big screen TVs from Judd & Black September 24.

Operator Kris Etheridge received the impact-activated audio alarm from the store with loud crashing noises.  She listened to real-time security audio, heard faint voices and called Everett Police.  One police officer was at the store less than 60 seconds after receiving the call.

Officers arrived in time to find two men loading four flat screen, panel TVs.  The men took off; police gave chase.  The suspects lost control of their vehicle and crashed into a brick wall.  One man had to be hospitalized, but both were arrested.

The suspects initially got into the store by smashing through an all-glass door.

Police told a representative from Judd & Black that the store is “so lucky to have Sonitrol.”

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