Burglar behind bars!

What were you doing at 1:48 a.m. last night? Jessica Culver was vigilantly monitoring businesses, residences and schools protected by Sonitrol Pacific in the Everett, Wash. area.

At that precise moment her night got significantly more exciting than yours: the sound of banging and breaking glass tripped the alarm system at Lake Goodwin Store in Stanwood and Jessica sprung into action.

Hearing the glass breaking in the store’s front window and watching as the intruder tripped motion sensors inside, Jessica called the Stanwood Police Department and told them what was happening.

Thanks to Sonitrol Pacific’s close relationship with local police across the Pacific Northwest, the sheriff arrived in minutes. In true cops vs. robbers fashion, justice prevailed and the suspect was arrested and jailed that night.

The store’s owner was so pleased with the swift apprehension that she wrote us saying,

I also want to thank the staff that works at Sonitrol and acted so quickly to get the sheriff here. I’m just excited that they caught the jerk!

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Stay posted for video footage!